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CompuBal Software
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CompuBal Software
Balance Sheet Preparation
Audit Report Preparation
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Balance Sheet Solution
Audit Report Solutions


CompuBal is useful in preparing profit and loss account and balance sheet as per revised Schedule VI, statutory and tax audit reports and other related work from audit point of view.

Additional Features

  • Prepare Form 3CA-3CD / 3CB-3CD, Form 3CEB, Form 29B directly from the Software.
  • Validation before exit for correct e-filing purpose.
  • Default settings as per assessee status.
  • “Optional Description” for the purpose of noting any remark in respect of a particular point for future reference.
  • “Optional Annexure” as per the requirement of ICAI Guidance Note.
  • “Online Activity” comprising complete process of uploading audit report with features like “Create and upload of audit forms”, add CA for the assessee, forgot/change password, CA and Assessee registration on ITD web site, link for approval of audit report by assessee.
  • For detailed procedure click here


  • Preparation of Balance Sheet horizontal & vertical (as per Revised schedule VI).
  • Facility to import data from tally with previous year figures, if required.
  • Facility to prepare fixed assets chart as per income tax act & as per companies act.
  • Facility to feed data through trial balance or directly through trading, P&L and Balance Sheet.
  • Option of inner column, previous year figures, quantity column.
  • Facility to prepare schedule & grouping.
  • Preparation of report viz. form 3CA, 3CB, 3CD with annexure, companies auditors report (CARO), notice director’s report, notes & account with the help of predefined formats or user can design own format.
  • Transfer of figures to return form & computation.
  • Alert for any change in the P&L and balance sheet to update figures in return form and computation
  • Transfer figures from 3CD depreciation chart to fixed assets chart & depreciation chart in CompuTax.
  • Automatic calculation of ratio in form 3CD.
  • Automatic filling of annexure of form 3CD. Any change in the balance sheet will auto update while printing the annexure.
  • Suggested answers while preparing 3CD and (CARO).
  • Facility to change font, font size.
  • Manual Page break, printing order of reports.
  • Customized format of Balance Sheet, P&L, Trading, Capital a/c, schedule according to requirement of use, with Templates facility.
  • ……….. & lots of other features.
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