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Documents Management System
Data Management Software
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Documents Management Software
CompuDms Software
Data Management System


  • Easy Capturingof Documents through various modes
    • Scanning by your any connected Scanner,
    • Browse/upload files of any type from your local or LAN connected PCs.
    • Facilities to create new documents by using inbuilt excel & word files.
  • Storage and Management of Various Important documents at separate & secure place.
  • Multiple file Attachment facility with in single document & Information.
  • Instant Search/access of document on the basis of one or more keyword.
  • Facility to Change in information, addition/deduction, Modification of Document in Future.
  • Multi-user and Multi level authenticated system on the basis of permissions & access powers.
  • Security Types: Document Security up to 6 levels, User/Group Permissions, Personal Document facility.
  • Approval facility for
    • Control/Restriction on storage of unauthenticated Documents.
    • Final Editing or completion of Information related to Captured Document before Storage in Main data base.
  • Check in / check out facility provides protection against multiple modifications of a particular document at the same time in Multi-User environment i.e. only one user can modify a document at one time.
  • Sharing of documents with Office Staff and Clients in secure and permitted range.
  • Maintain physical Location/Storage information about every Document.
  • Maintain information of Document Creator, Owner, Holder, status related to document, etc.
  • Store Personal document with restricted sharing facility. e.g.: Medical record, Academic record, Warranty cards, Immovable property papers etc.
  • Bulletin line for fast communication of News, Alerts, Reminders, Updates, Notice etc.
  • SMS facility for alerts of Expiring document, due date, meeting, work to do, periodic reminders, birthday, anniversary, festival etc.
  • Organizer to manage your, Contacts with grouping & sharing facility, Calendar for event wise Scheduling with facility of Alert by SMS & e-mail.
  • Facility of Input Templates: - to create/set various Ready Templates with required Input fields only, for routine Documents.
  • Organization friendly Single time Master setup (Organizational Setup) which are accessible only by admin type user and also User specific separate operational settings.
  • Single window approach for easy access & fast working i.e.
    • Access on any page from any page and
    • Input for a document, their result & preview, all will be done on same page,
    • No “Ok”, “Save”, “Cancel” or “Exit” etc again and again.
  • Option to Access from any where in the world.
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